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frequency and example sentences for test set.

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LXPER provides you with Korea's top-notch quality technique for natural language processing.
As a platform, LXPER's patent AI-powered engine will make English learning and sharing easier for you.

AI-based personalized and customized English vocabulary learning platform: LXPER

Provides you Big data-based English contents
and AI-based personalized English learning

Easy & Handy Smart Learning System

Vocabulary analysis / Classroom mode
available by simply copying and pasting the
reading passage

A group of vocabulary analysis
professionals with the nation’s top techniques

LXPER’s Advisory board members include
Korea’s top English education professionals
and AI engineers


It's fast and easy


LXPER suggests you the most suitable and smartest way
for English learning and teaching by investigating the users’ needs.


LXPER sorts out new and studied vocabs to help you make your own wordbook of your level.

Personalized tests are available to help improve your learning.


Simply copy and paste a passage, then LXPER will create exam questions, and mark & submit exams automatically.

Authentic personalized class materials are available for teachers to hand out.


With LXPER, you can provide wordbook publishing and additional services based on objective data.

LXPER helps you provide quality English learning materials that are more effective than CDs/DVDs.


LXPER collaborates with a number of public and private institutions in Korea.
EBS(Educational Broadcasting System) official license
Vocabulary Book Series: Start/Master Listening Comprehension Series: Level 1,2,3 Reading Comprehension Series: Basic/Intermediate/Advanced
Contents English Grammar DB Research & Consulting
EBS Reading Series (CSAT) Vol.1-4 Ranked as best seller in 2019
Named as new export company by KOTRA(Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)
Certificate of patent by the register of the Korean Intellectual Property Office
Yonsei Institute of Language and Information Studies
Selected as the Venture Camp of Technology Guarantee Fund (Top5 Companies) & Certified as a venture company by Korea Technology Finance Corporation
LG CNS : AI-based foreign language education service cooperation


Advisory Board members with Korea’s top English education and AI engineering researchers
Prof.Inseok Kim
(Current) Vice President at Deep University, USA
(Current) Professor at KORAIA (Korea Artificial Intelligence Association)

(Current) Professor of ESL and Applied Linguistics
(Former) Professor at MIT, Harvard, and Brown University
(Former) Chairman of the Council on English Curriculum Review at the Ministry of Education
Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics at Columbia University
40 years of career in Natural Language Processing

Prof. Seok-Chae Rhee
(Current) Associate professor of English Language and Literature at Yonsei University

(Current) Chief of Yonsei Institute of Language Research and Education at Yonsei University
Ph.D. in Linguistics at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Prof. Bongwon Seo
(Current) Associate professor at Graduate School of
Convergence Science and Technology,
Seoul National University

(Former) senior researcher at Adobe Research Center, USA
(Former) Research scientist at Palo Alto Research Center Xerox Parc, USA
Ph.D. in Computer Science at University of Maryland, College Park